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Friday, March 29, 2013

Juice Feast Day 21 of 92 - Surviving....

Easy has not arrived yet....  but I'm hanging in there!  I know this will be 100% worth it in the end!  (Just 71 more days!)  I think the sunshine today has been helpful.  I've been so cold for the past 4 months!  And drinking cold juice all day doesn't help.  I do enjoy warm tea (decaf) and warm water with lemon on occasion, but I really just need some warm weather to arrive!  

I've decided I don't care for any type of pepper in my drinks.  Not red, green, yellow, or orange!  I've tried them all.  Just not diggin' it in my juice.  I've gotten in a bit of a rut with my green drinks. Time to get adventurous and try something new!  My morning juice routine has become... routine.  And that's good in some ways!  It's easy and I don't have to think about it.  But it's getting a little bit boring.

Watermelon and Strawberry juice was on the menu yesterday.  Yummy!  There is very little pulp involved.  When I strain it through my milk bag, there is almost nothing left in there when I'm done.  I like that!  It means I'm getting my money's worth!

I read an article on this week regarding the sun.  REALLY interesting (and intriguing) information!

Sunlight and Sunbathing

Steve Arlin, in Raw Power! writes: A common myth is that the sun causes skin cancer.  The sun doesn’t cause skin cancer, the sun causes all life on Earth!  Skin cancer is caused by toxicity within the body.  When this toxicity is detoxified through the skin (our largest eliminative organ), it is sometimes “baked” onto the skin, bringing forth a cancer condition.  Blaming the sun for skin cancer is like blaming fresh air for lung cancer.

You must have internal protection from the sun’s rays in the form of proper, natural, raw-food nutrition.  External “protection” like sunscreen is an abomination.  The same internal mechanism that keeps a plant from burning up under the hot sun can keep you from sunburning.  A plant is in direct sunlight for hours upon hours every day of its existence.  A plant dries up and dies when it no longer has the internal protection that it requires.  The second best protection from sunburn is knowing when to retreat to shade for a rest.

David Wolfe nicely summarizes some of the health benefits of sun in The Sunfood Diet Success System

Sunlight lowers blood sugar. It is a natural insulin. A diet high in sweet fruit must also be accompanied by Sunshine on the skin to help metabolize the sugar. Sunlight helps to store the sugar as glycogen in the liver, muscles, and cells for later use.

Exposing the skin to the Sun stimulates the capillaries and brings more blood to the skin surface. This helps to heal cuts, bruises, and rashes. In World War II it was discovered that exposing abrasions, open wounds, and broken bones to direct Sunlight led to quicker healing.

Fungus is destroyed by direct Sunlight. Candida cannot survive in direct Sunlight. I have worked with numerous people with candida. The first step to overcoming candida is Sunlight on the naked body (reference Lesson 13: How To Use The Sunfood Triangle, Eating To Overcome Candida).

Sunlight increases the strength of digestion. Sunlight increases the body's internal "fire." In Chinese oriental medicine we find the concept of yin-yang balance and we see that "cold" raw foods may be balanced with hot Sun energy.

Sunlight improves the eyesight and regulates the hormones. Occasion­ally bringing direct Sunlight into the eyes just for a brief moment, unmit­igated by glasses, windows, or filters, will help balance the body's hormones.
 I read something similar last summer when I was eating 100% raw.  (I was reading the 80/10/10 Diet.  GREAT book!) I made an effort to be out in the sun more with no sunscreen. My husband was unhappy with this!  He kept telling me I was going to get cancer and I was setting a bad example for our kids.  That's a logical response.  It's what's been preached to us again and again.  But this article makes some sense to me.  I think I'll continue to research this...

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