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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 3 of 92

I spoke too soon. :(  Just minutes after posting last night, a headache hit me in the left side of my noggin.  Still, I fell asleep quickly and slept well.  But I was stunned when I woke up and it was still there.  I noticed it before I even opened my eyes. 

I quick drank a quart of warm lemon water and then took a shower, using the Hot/Cold shower method - which is designed to aide the detox process.  Here's how it goes:

HOT    shower 5-7 minutes
COOL  1 minute
HOT    1 minute
COOL  1 minute
HOT    1 minute
COOL  1 minute
HOT    1 minute
COOL  1 minute and out

I've never done this before today - but I think it was beneficial!  My headache was gone within about 20 minutes.  (It did return for a little while early this evening, but it only visited - it didn't stay long)

Somehow I managed to rouse at 5:30 this morning.  After dealing with my headache, I got to work on my juice for the day. (My daughter's, too.)  I didn't write down my concoctions, as I was in a hurry and thought I'd remember.  (Mental clarity has not arrived yet, I guess!)  But I can tell you this... it wasn't my favorite day of juicing ever.  I was ok with my morning green juice, which I can tell you included Rainbow Chard & Parsley (lots of it!) as my greens.  There was also cucumber and celery, of course.  And I'm sure an apple...  I sucked it down just fine, but later this morning when my daughter finally dragged her bootie out of bed, she texted this to me: "I am literally drinking the earth right now".  I cracked up!  I guess it wasn't her favorite either.  (PS... she has already decided that this will be a ONE week feast for her, rather than two.)

A also made a recipe I found online which included a pretty sizable chunk of ginger, yellow pepper, carrots, pears...  It was harsh!  I don't think I like that much ginger!  But I was already at work when I discovered this.  My solution was to add some water.  It worked.  Much more palatable.

This evening I made one more juice.  I used papaya and collard greens.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It was horrendous.  WOW.  But juice ain't cheap, so I added a hunk of pineapple, an orange and some coconut water.  Ta Da!  MUCH better!   In all, I drank about 1.5 gallons of liquid today.

My tummy was very rumbly all day. I could feel and hear the gargling endlessly.  It made me a little nervous, to be honest.  Not to mention my tiny bladder trying to manage all that liquid!  I was constantly on the move!

Word is out at my office that I'm doing a 92 day juice fast.  (Could it possibly be because I'm running up and down the halls every five minutes to use the ladies room?!)  Naturally, they all think I'm a little "off"!  But they are supportive, nonetheless!  (Until I bring them all green juice on St. Patty's day!) 

I have tons of recipes to work with so I'm sure tomorrow will be much better. :)


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  1. Try cabbage/ green apple/ spinach/ chard/ celery/ sweet potato/ carrot/ beet/ romaine/ kale