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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 2 of 92 - Very Chill Day

I'm settling in to the evening of my second day of juice feasting.  Things are going quite well so far.  My 16 year old daughter has joined me (for 2 weeks), which is quite fun for me! (Makes me think maybe my family has been learning something over the past year and 1/2 - despite their resolute stance to continue to eat as they please.)

Today I've enjoyed:

1 QT Basic Green Juice ( 1 lb spinach, 1 lb kale, 1 bunch celery hearts, 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 1/2 c. coconut juice)

2 C herbal decaf tea

2 C Basic Green Juice

1 QT Peach Pie Juice (YUM!) (3 sweet potatoes, 4 peaches, 2 apples, cinnamon)

2 C Mango juice mixed with coconut water, 1 juiced lime and 1 tsp bee pollen

1 QT Master Cleanser (28 oz water, 5 T lemon juice, 5T raw-local honey, tiny dash cayenne pepper)  I warmed it slightly as a soothing night time concoction.

That equals 4 qts, 2 cups of liquid.  (1 gallon, 2 cups)

After church and a quick stop at the Natural Health Center, I came home and have virtually done nothing since.  And I've LOVED it!  A very chill day for me!  The past couple of months have included very busy weekends.  (I love to be busy!)  But it sure was nice to lay in bed like a lazy butt and watch 2 movies back to back, while intermittently reading juicing blogs on my ipad.  Ahhh....
I've known for years (since preparing for my first juice fast) that many people really suffer from the process of detoxification which comes with a juice fast/feast.  I have really never experienced those symptoms.  But I've warned my daughter that it could happen.  Symptoms include flu like symptoms, headaches (sometimes from giving up caffeine), listlessness/lack of energy.  But those who push through the first few days generally see those symptoms pass.  It helps tremendously to cleanse the toxins from the body via enemas at home.  I won't dwell on that topic - for now.  But know that it is easy and extremely beneficial!

I learned something today while vegging in bed with my good friend FX (channel) -- there are a LOT of commercials about food!  I'd say 3 out of 5 easily.  As I watched one of the commercials for an Italian restaurant, I wondered if the desire to eat those things would ever completely go away.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that white pasta with creamy, heavy dairy laden sauce is NOT good for my body.  And still, I know how wonderful it tastes!  I've managed to avoid such things (mostly!) since my quest began.  But the question is... will I ever completely lose the desire?  I guess time will tell.

My one complete and total addiction is POPCORN!  Popped in a pan on my own stove in coconut oil with a little sea salt.  OH MY!  When I say addiction, I am not exaggerating.  This is something that I've eaten (with my family) almost daily for many, many years.  Since childhood, really!  And I don't eat a little - I eat a huge bowl!  In addition to LOVING it, it also serves as that mindless crunching that we seem to need in the evening when we're chilling out.  The GREAT NEWS  is that popcorn cooked in coconut oil is a very healthy snack!  But not every day.  That is far too much fat - even healthy fat- for a body.  It will surely be the thing I struggle with the most during this feast.  (Only 90 days to go! lol!)  My hope is that this feast will cure my addiction (this and many others) so that when I return to a plant based whole foods diet this summer, I'll be able to keep the popcorn treat to a couple times each week. :)  **As I was just proof reading this paragraph, my son yelled from the kitchen "Popcorn anyone?"  Lord help me!

I'll sign off now- as tomorrow is my first work day on the fast - which means I need to get up quite early to prepare juice for two of us for the day!


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