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Friday, October 14, 2011

First Restaurant Challenge!

It's Friday night - and a local eatery was calling out to Ryan.  So off we went!  It was so much easier than I thought - this time!  I'm well aware that it could get harder, though I truly hope not!  I had water, of course!  The family ordered a rich, creamy, spinach dip with chips.  One of my favorites!  (How nice of them.)  I managed to avoid any tastes!  I ordered grilled salmon with steamed green beans and rice.  The salmon was amazing, which is a shocking statement for me because I hate fish!  But it was really great!  I ended up not eating the rice, as it was white and I didn't know how it was cooked.  Didn't matter, because the fish was more than filling!  On the way home from the restaurant I stopped at meijer and picked up a few things for a smoothie recipe in Tosca's book.  It requires coconut oil, which Ididn't have.  It is pressed, though - the consistency of crisco.  Not sure how to make that work in a smoothie...??

And now, I'm sipping a cup of camomile tea in my jammies, with the Walton's on TV.   So far, so good.
We (my mom and me) leave for Mackinac Island in two days and will be gone for 3.  We'll be packing a cooler!

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