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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Weeks In...

Mackinac Island was great!  Mom and I packed a cooler and completely stayed the course!  The Grand actually offered VERY clean food, and in abundance!  I left completely guilt free!

Since then, I've continued to prepare for my daily meals so that I am never caught in a bind.  Some of my staples are precooked chicken, which I just pull out the freezer; brown rice - also precooked, smoothies, banana/PB wraps (my favorite!!), hard boiled eggs, fruit and cheese sticks.

I have been enjoying testing recipes out of my Clean Eating books and magazines.  Tonight I made Sweet Potato & Oat Bars.  Yum!  I doubt my family with share them with me, but I made and 9x13 pan, so I'll be freezing them individually!  I'm thinking it's a perfect mid-day snack, loaded with carbs and healthy protein!  I've also made a few soups that I froze in individual servings.  These heat up so quickly!  PERFECT!  My favorite new treat that I made myself was homemade granola!  SO DELISH!

Halloween was 2 days ago and I have not allowed a single grain of sugar reach my tongue!  To date I have lost 8 lbs!  But I'm trying very hard not to focus on that.  Right now I want to focus on keeping it clean and learning!!  I have the rest of my life to watch my body transform.
I was expecting to enjoy a major surge of energy and vigor (as promised by all of the literature!).  I honestly can't say that I'm seeing or feeling any difference.  I feel fine - normal.  But I was expecting something more, I guess. 

I'm not getting enough water.  I just get busy and forget - plus I'm constantly running to the bathroom when I do drink alot.  Also, I need to start kicking it in with the exercise.

So... that's where I'm at right now! :)


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