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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holy Detox!!

I guess I'm doing something right because I have had a kickin' headache for 2 days and my body is achy!  But I'm not sick.... it's those lousy toxins escaping my body.  Good rid-dins!!  Go away and don't ever return!

I put on my big girl panties today (literally!  HA!) and told my friends about "The QUEST".  I was nervous and a little embarrassed about doing this, because it's huge - and I've crashed and burned before!  But I decided that if no one knows, it'll be too easy to quit when the going gets tough.  But NOW... they know!  And they are very good friends!  They will not let me wimp out!  I love my friends!!! :)

I took my measurements today.  It was pathetic!  All I had was the little 30 inch measuring tape that came with my sewing kit.  Guess how many of my measurements I was able to take with that puny thing?  Not many!  Instead, I used a long ribbon to measure all of my chubby parts and then I measured the ribbon.  So sad.  My saddlebags are HUGE, by the way!  But I have a strong suspicion that my little 30 incher will be quite sufficient when I measure one year from now!

I was thinking today about commitment.  I was wondering how many people truly set a goal like this and actually stick to it - long term.  And then, this evening as I was driving my child to basketball practice, I spotted an old co-worker of mine running with her sister.  And I immediately remember how she started running, about 6 years ago.  She had NEVER been a runner, but her daughter was a star runner on our high school track team.  I'm not sure why, but she made a commitment to run every single day without fail.  She told me that even if she has the flu and is puking, she'll run at least 1 mile.  We were doing a project at school one weekend and did not leave the building until after midnight.  She went home and ran one mile.  In the dark.  Alone. At 1:00am.  She ran (hobbled) through minor injuries.. and kept her commitment.  Period.  A few years ago she ran a marathon.  I think several since then.  And tonight I saw her, still running.  Still committed.  I find that amazing!  I don't know if she's broken the streak or not, but I remember when she hit her 2 year mark of not missing a single day of running.  That was 4 years ago.  WOW!

I've read a lot of success stories over the years... on line, and in magazines and books.  And I believe them all, though I do not know them personally.  This committed runner I KNOW!  And her commitment inspires me!

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