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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trip to the Natural Food Store

I finally managed to get myself over to the Natural Food Store today.  It was a little bit intimidating, as there were isles and isles of mystery foods.  But I had a small list of essentials that I'd read about and wanted to grab.  Among them were  steel cut oats, flax seed, wheat germ, Ezekiel Bread and wraps, almond butter, Quinoa, and even bee pollen.  The staff were very helpful!  They didn't even laugh when I asked what one does with bee pollen.  At the check out, I mentioned to the young, tiny girl that I was a new customer and wasn't entirely sure what I was doing!  She replied "Well, it looks like you've figured out what to do with Quinoa!  Good for you!"  I told her I had NO IDEA what to do with it, but that the book I was reading mentioned it many times, so I figured I should grab some and figure out later what to do with it!  So she gave me some pointers.  Apparently it's a lot like couscous.  I love couscous!  She said to cook it in water and then add things like garbanzo beans and onion... to make type of salad.  Yum!  That sounds easy.
After leaving there, I went to meijer and spent some time in the produce section, and other "perimeter" departments.  I loaded up on green leafy things.  (Honestly never had kale before!)  Fresh fruits, chicken breast, cottage cheese, kefir, etc...
I'm sure when I unloaded my haul into the fridge I'm sure my husband was thinking "Oh Good!  More food to throw away next week when it turns rotten because she didn't eat it!".  But he didn't say it... :)  Smart man!  I cooked up 5 very large chicken breasts; cut them each in half and then cut each half into slices.  I stuck them in baggies and popped them in the freezer for quick, on the go meals.  (That's 10 servings, by the way!) 

My day ended by dragging my lean, athletic daughter into my bedroom to take fat pictures of me.  How mortifying!  It's not that she hasn't seen me in my bra and panties before... but this was different, somehow.  She took a front, side and back view.  Though I look in the mirror every single day and observe this mess of a body, I was truly horrified by what I saw!  There is JUST NO EXCUSE!  The worse was the back shot.  Holy Back Fat!!  Well, these certainly aren't photos that I'll be publishing anytime soon - but once I reach the end of my quest (on my 41st birthday) I will proudly post them beside the photos of my lean, sexy new bod!

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