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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Juice Feast - Day 40! 53 days to go!

YEAH!!! DAY 40 today!  It feels great to be at this point in the feast.  But I have a confession to make before I go any further....(yes... another one!)

I've had some cheatin' moments!  I don't know why!!!  Ever since my little detour in Chicago, I've been struggling to be perfect.  (YES!  It IS ok to strive for perfection!)  A handful of popcorn here... a taste of the dinner I'm making for the family there...  I'm very frustrated with myself for not having rock solid discipline.  Especially since I truly don't want to put anything in my body except for juice right now.  And yet...  indiscretions keep finding me!

In the beginning (first 4 weeks) I was going strong on sheer excitement and passion!  I've read that in the last 1/3 of the journey, I'll be a rock star - knowing the end is near!  But this middle section of the journey... TOUGH!  So I guess this is where I reach out for some help.  HELP!  Pray for me! Shoot me an accountability message once in a while if you think of it! I sincerely, desperately want my final 53 days to be wholly successful!  Help me tame my cheatin' heart! 

Happy News!!  I've been talking with a co-worker of mine (and precious friend!) about my juice feast.  She is really struggling with her own health.  Scopes... tests... pain....and no understanding of why.  I encouraged her to try juicing for 30 days - to give her digestive system a chance to rest and heal.  Today she told me that she is ready!  And she is EXCITED!  Tomorrow I'm taking all of my supplies to work, along with bunch of produce, to teach her how to juice.  I have no doubt that she is going to feel like a new woman 30 days from now!  So, while I'm clearly not perfect, I  feel great that others are seeing the benefits of this whole foods lifestyle!

More good news... My darling daughter is back on the wagon!  If you recall, she did the first week full on with me. At the end, she transitioned back to whole foods. (sort of!)  And now, she wants back in on juicing.  Her plan is to juice all day, and then enjoy a whole foods dinner.  She's on day 4 and doing great.   I think this is a VERY DOABLE plan for many people!  How convenient to drink a quick juice before work, and then enjoy a juice lunch during a busy day!  All that goodness, knowing that a lovely dinner awaits.  Smart girl!

SUMMER is fast approaching!  (On the calendar, anyway)  I am longing for my garden!  We're moving it to a new spot in the yard this year because we're also putting in a pool.  I'm anxious to see how it all pans out!  Did you know that Swiss Chard is a perennial plant?  Its growing in my garden right now - and I haven't planted any since last spring!  I'm learning so much... :)

So - as I close for the day, one more plea for your support!  I covet your prayers and encouragement!  NO MORE TASTING!  Juice power!!


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