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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 50 - Reset Button


Are you getting the picture yet??  Today is DAY 50!!  It seems like DAY 50 would be a great day to celebrate! Instead, I find myself needing to push the reset button. As I've mentioned in recent posts, I've been recently plagued with temptations that sadly, I've succumbed to.  Before you lose all respect for me, you should know that I have not stopped juicing!  I'm still juicing daily and consuming 1 to 1.5 gallons of fresh, wonderful juice each day!  BUT... to that, I've added food (when tempted) - which is really not acceptable on a juice feast.

I knew that 92 days was a huge goal.  I knew that it would not be easy.  But I have felt very strong from the beginning that it is an achievable goal.  I still believe that it is!  I'm super disappointed in my lack of stick-to-it-ness recently.  On top of this disappointment, I've finally come to terms with the sad fact that I cannot run in the 1/2 marathon next weekend.  I've been training since December - but after messing up my back 2 months ago, I just can't get it back to normal.  I've continued to try to run, but then end up back at the Chiro.  I'm very sad about this as well.  So Day 50 is truly a disappointing day for me. :(

But God is SO good!  He sent me a perfectly timed message today via a blog that I subscribe to:  Here is what it had to say today:

There is this funny concept out there that many have somehow internalized. The notion that we have to do things perfectly, or they aren't worth doing. The idea that if we make one mistake, we've messed up so badly we should just throw in the towel.

How we ever arrived at this silly idea is beyond me. Particularly when you are doing something that is new and different. You have to approach new things being willing to learn from mistakes because even people who have been doing it forever make mistakes. This is the learning process. This is how we learn and internalize something new. Mistakes are how we learn. Don't try to skip over the mistakes because if you do, you are definitely doomed to fail. Consider approaching mistakes from a different angle, and success will eventually follow.

What a wonderful lift for my spirit today, when I'm feeling so down about my tumble from the wagon.  
 On Tuesday of this week I began a new job.  It's made for a busy, (exciting) week.  But it's a life change - and one life change can cause other life practices to get off balance.  In addition, tomorrow I'm heading to a conference for 3 days.  I am signed up for vegan meals at the conference and I'm leaving my vitamix at home for my daughter to use.  (My hotel does not have a kitchenette - so juicing would be very nearly impossible for me).  If I hadn't already fallen off the wagon, I would certainly find a way to make it work.  But since I need to reset anyway, I'm going just give myself a three day break from juicing.  When I return, I am not starting over with day one.  But I will be adding a few weeks to the length of my feast.  From the moment I hit THE BUTTON, (Thursday), I plan to do 60 more days of rock solid, detoxifying, focused juice feasting!  This will result in a total of 111 days of juicing.  My end date will now be June 30th. 
I hope that those of you who don’t stop reading this imperfect woman’s blog will, instead, be even more inspired to try juicing.  OR, any other health related goal that you have in mind.  Knowing that you don’t have to be perfect to still be successful should be liberating!  (That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway! )

So – I’ll be back at the end of the week, recommitted and ready to share!

Be blessed this week!

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  1. I like the note "any other health related goal that you have in mind." Thanks for the encouragement!